UCL Grand Challenges Gender Based Violence in School

Schools are often seen as safe places for girls and their parents.

It is well-documented that girls in schools rarely report violence to their parents, due to fear or lack of access to support. There is little research which identifies and explores children’s experiences of violence in schools.


The motivation for this research arose following informal focus group discussions with students from schools in India, in which it was disclosed that female students were subject to gender-based violence at school’s premises.

Aim of research

The aim of the research is to understand the nature of violence within a school/educational environment and the physical and structural factors that facilitate the occurrence of such incidents. Therefore, this research brings together the following disciplines:

1. Crime Science: Identify the situational determinants of violence against girls to understand its nature and extent.

2. Education: Understand the role of educational institutions as locations and teaching staff and identify existing awareness of acceptable behaviour and reporting avenues.

3. Built Environment/Engineering: Understand the role of the physical layout and/or infrastructure as crime facilitators (with a focus on how design can introduce vulnerabilities)